How To Achieve Balance While Working Multiple Jobs

Time may become very difficult to manage or achieve balance while working multiple jobs. A lot of times, we strive to attain a decent work-life balance while striving to make a decent living.

How To Achieve Balance While Working Multiple Jobs

Working an extra job or even jobs may sound like a simple answer to some of your financial problems. While you are thinking about it, bear in mind that there are some hidden costs you are unlikely aware of.

Usually, for most people, it is quitting time when the clock strikes 5 PM. Might not be so for you if you work multiple jobs. It just might be time to re-focus and get back to work—maybe for the rest of the night.

Okay, you have managed to finish up at midnight, you only have a few short hours before you wake up at dawn to start all over again. It could be quite a tedious rinse and repeat process if not handled right.

There are several reasons people take up second jobs; maybe to gain new experience or skills in other field or earn more money to cater for themselves.

Whatever the reason may be, a second job can change the way you live life. That is why we think this article is necessary. It would provide some tips and guides to maintaining a decent and healthy work-life balance while working more than one job.

How to manage two jobs

Find the right second job

If you want to manage your time while working multiple jobs, you should consider all accessible options when deciding what your second job will be.

What should be on your mind most is that you should not get two full-time jobs. This is worthy of consideration especially when both may require the same type of mental dedication. So, it is advisable that if one job demands your mental input, the other should be more physical.

It is advisable that you opt for two part-time jobs instead of a full-time job. If this is the case, you need to find work that will pay you very well. Freelancing is a great way to find extra money that will pay you more whilst keeping that full-time job.

Another type of the second job you may want to have is the one that you do from your home. We have a lot of those in our listings.

The factors you should consider when choosing a second job are earnings, time, and distance (if it would not be remote).

Organize your schedule

Even if you do not have a second job, if you are not organized, you may find a hard time at that job. If you do want to manage your time while working more than one job, scheduling your time and activities will keep you sane and efficient.

What this means is that how spend your time is critical to how far you will go in terms of achieving success at both jobs or even more in some cases.

You can use any type of scheduler or day planner if you are not able to do so manually. Keeping track of your daily activities in a day planner can help you to remember where you need to be at any point each day. A to-do list would come in handy for this as well.

Microsoft Outlook, Google Agenda, Trello, are some applications that can help you with this.

Make your first (main) job a priority

Taking up a second may affect your efficiency at your first job. You may be less committed, less available, and less productive at your main job if care is not taken.

No matter what you do, endeavor to maintain a consistent level of commitment to your first job. Ensure your deliverables are consistent with high quality and standard.

Sometimes, if you are working for multinational or highly structured organization, you might want to consider legal implications.

You must read your contract of employment again to know your rights regarding a second job. Most companies would frown on an employee working for a competitor or anything close.

If necessary, inform your manager about your second job so that no one would have any ideas about your other activity.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew

There are times you may be tempted to take on more responsibilities than you can handle. You could need some extra hours that would fetch you some extra cash.

Be sure you can handle it before taking it up. You already have a lot on your plate; do not overwhelm yourself.

Concerns about working multiple jobs

Overall, there are some health-related concerns that is attached to working multiple jobs. Below are some of those concerns you should be on the lookout for:

Weight loss: If you are moving about physically, you would likely be burning a lot of fat. In hindsight, it is not that bad.

You should become worried when people start asking you questions out of concern for your look than out of admiration for your weight loss routine.

Ageing prematurely: This is unavoidable if you are in the habit of overworking yourself. There is so much the body system can take.

Whatever posture your jobs entail-be it standing for long hours or sitting for too long- it would take a toll on your body if not checked.

Anxiety and Depression: It is easier to check your physical health than to check your mental health. In the case of physical health, you can easily notice any adverse changes. It is not same for mental health.

By the time you noticed, the damage is already done. The stress of being active for more than 10 hours a day, 7 hours a week, will have its own effect on your mental wellbeing.


In all, it is not entirely bad to be working multiple jobs and gaining more in income and skills. It is how you handle it that is most important.

Try pick on these few tips and you may just be successful at both jobs.

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