How To Succeed At A Remote Job

It is good to search for some tips on how to succeed at a remote job. Before the year 2020, which is also the year of COVID-19, a lot of professionals, most especially writers and software engineers have been working from home. Not referring to freelancers only, but salary earners as well that do not have to be at their physical offices.

Tips On How To Succeed At A Remote Job

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, a lot of jobs went remote. Some governments mandated that public places, including offices be operating at 50% capacity or less than 15 people be in the office space at the same time.

This policy triggered the Business Continuity Policy of some companies that mandated some of their workers that do not necessarily need to be at the office physically to work from home.

Many people that transitioned to working from home did not find it easy at first. Apparently, there is a different dynamics for working remotely as compared with working from the office.

For some professionals working from home, they are starting to enjoy a lot of benefits that come with it. They do not need to wake up early to beat traffic or get stuck in it on their return home.

There are so many perks attached to working from. We will talk about those benefits in another article. For now, this article focuses on giving you some very useful tips on how to succeed at a remote job.

If you can apply these tips, you will find that working from will become easier.

Prepare your workspace for a lot of sitting

If you want to know first step on how to succeed at a remote job, here is your first tip. There are times I have tried laying on my side with my laptop in front me, but I realized I have never achieved much like that.

Your sitting posture will help you in a lot of ways asides to think creatively. You might even tire out quickly if you do not take the proper sitting posture. So, set up a space in your apartment, pick a very comfortable chair, maybe buy one. Come on, you are earning some money.

Tips On How To Succeed At A Remote Job

Get a decent table. Your dining table would be good as long as your partner or kids do not spill a drink on your computer or work files.

As much as you sit for long periods, make sure you stand and stretch or even pace a while. In case you think you might be deep into work and forget, set a timer to take a break from time to time.

Plan yourself and be organized

Setting “Office hours” for yourself is something you should do. This should also top your list on how to succeed at a remote work. It is your first start at showing that you are planning to be organized.

5 Tips On How To Succeed At A Remote Job (Work From Home)

You can think all you want but it is best you put this down in writing as a real plan. Set up a schedule or planner. When you work from home, most times, you are alone in your space. No colleagues to throw bants at from time to time, no one to motivate or cheer you up.

You won’t have your manager or supervisor breathing down your neck. This is where your self-discipline comes into play.

The only way you can maintain such discipline is to organize, plan, and schedule your tasks in order to complete all tasks on time. Ensure you put them in writing and in order of priority.

Estimate the time required to complete each task. While you are at it, set realistic goals. It would not do you any good to list a lot of tasks and be unable to accomplish them within the time frame you set.

That could down your morale. As you do this, remember that some tasks could take longer to accomplish because you are working from home or shorter.

Be proactive in your communication

Because you are working from home, as do your other colleagues, there would be a significant reduction in the frequency of communication. Do not allow this.

Emails and chats might not be enough; try and set up video or voice meetings. Most companies have now started using Microsoft Teams or Zoom to communicate.

It is not common that most of the communications – chats, emails, you would be exchanging with your colleagues would be asynchronous, there is little chance for a real-time response.

As much as you can, take your time to make your communication very effective. Read your emails over and over before pressing “Send”. You will not like your mail to be open to several interpretations or leave your teammates to wait for you to clarify your points.


This is by far easier when you and your colleagues are working from the office. You tend to bump into each other in the hallway or you could be sharing the same office space.

The case is different and difficult if you and your colleagues are working from home. It is even more difficult if you are working from different time zones.

Collaboration requires consistent check-ins with your teammates as this is necessary to build trust. Working in isolation might result to disunity which would, in turn, affect the productivity of the whole unit.

Motivate yourself

Finally, it is best you find something to motivate yourself if you are working from home. If you were working from the office, your manager may walk up to you to ask for updates or help you out on a task.

There is no room for that except via chat when you are working remotely. It is up to you to remind yourself to complete your tasks before the deadline.

Working from home or working remotely has come to stay. These tips on how to succeed at a remote job will be helpful only if you allow it to help you. If you want your teammates and manager, consider you responsible and trustworthy, try and use these tips maximally.

If you do not have a remote job yet but are willing to try it, check and apply for remote jobs on our jobs page. You might just be a perfect fit for one of them!

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